The Art of Matcha

The art of creating Matcha incorporates many facets of the growing process.  The location, the time, the growing conditions and shade, and the art of blending and harvesting at just the right time make creating organic Matcha truly an art. 

GotMatcha has sourced the world for the finest Matcha green tea. Quality Matcha is extremely rare, pure and exclusive and your finest Matcha tea is found harvested high in the mountains of Japan.

Yes, there are other Matcha teas from China, Korea and Thailand but none of them compare in
quality to what we have found from Japan. Matcha is the most exciting discovery of the 21st century's modern tea world. Enjoyed over 800 years ago by Buddhist monks, Matcha was consumed prior to their times of meditation as a tea which helped to enhance their focus and clarity. It was created as their "ceremonial" tea. And thus we call

Matcha, the Ceremonial tea of the ancients. Of course today we realize that Matcha has tremendous health benefits as well. Matcha is known today as the healthiest, rarest and most premium of all tea
in Japan.

The History of Matcha

The development and cultivation of green tea is thought to have begun sometime in the Tang Dynasty (7-10th century) where the tea was harvested and formed into tea bricks which were created for storage and for the efficient transportation of the tea over long distances. Read mor

Our Premium Organic is harvested from May to early June, a very short window of time,  compared to non-organic Matcha.  Organic production does not use any pesticides and relies on natural fertilizers only, therefore the organic fields are located in the valleys of the mountains away from civilization.