Matcha & Pregnancy

Matcha for Pregnancy

A common question that is asked is whether or not Matcha Green Tea would have any adverse affects to pregnancy.  The concern stems from the intake of caffeine, which in a standard cup of coffee can range from 70mg to over 125mg.  If you choose to have espresso, then that number jumps up even more.  The concern is that in America today so much caffeine is being consumed; coffee, colas, and a variety of foods that have caffeine within their ingredients.  If not carefully watched, your caffeine consumption could get easily out of hand.

Before you try any new product such as Matcha it is always recommended to speak with your health care professional first.  Also it is recommended to minimize any stimulating beverage during your first trimester so ideally try and hold off from even Matcha just during the first few months of pregnancy.

According to some medical professionals, a pregnant woman should not consume any more than about 300mg of caffeine daily.  Others recommend keeping that intake down to around 200mg of caffeine. 

First of all we need to understand that the caffeine in coffee and the caffeine found in green tea are not the same (this should hyperlink to the caffeine article at the site).  Furthermore, as we have pointed out at the site, the caffeine in Matcha is uniquely different in that the amino acid L-Theanine, works in synergy with the caffeine found in Matcha, to deliver you sustained energy over a 3 to 6 hour period.  Coffee, on the other hand, gives you the ups and down and the caffeine crash.

Although the caffeine in Matcha green tea is different to that found in coffee, it would still be still wise to limit your Matcha consumption, and all other sources of caffeine for that matter, while you are pregnant.

So, how severely should you limit your daily Matcha consumption while pregnant?

Glad you asked!