Need to Alkalize? New Vegetarian Restaurant Cooking Techniques

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There are dozens of great restaurants where you can get grilled chicken or steak but how many restaurants are centered around a large variety of locally sourced organic fresh produce, organic nuts, the best fats, alkaline Matcha and handmade sauces. What does this list have in common? They are all alkaline foods, which the American diet is very deficient in. How can you alkalize?  

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Let's talk about the importance of increasing alkaline foods in our diet....

The importance of reaching a balanced PH state in the body cannot be emphasized enough.  If one truly cares about their quality of life, body, and spirit, then this should be taken very seriously. The acidic state is the root of most disease, sickness, and emotional/mental problems. Whether your body is in an acid or alkaline state will determine the quality of life you will experience. 

You may have heard the term “Acidosis”.  This refers to the condition of your blood and having a PH that is too acidic.  Acidosis is not one specific disease.  It is the pre-requisite catalyst and breeding ground for other diseases to develop and be nurtured, such as cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, obesity, diabetes, premature aging, and many other degenerative diseases. Over 90% of the populations diet is too acidic and has Acidosis.

PH is a measure of how much acid is in the blood. Our body strives to be more alkaline, about 7.3 – 7.4. The lower the number the more acidic your body becomes, and the more bacteria can grow.

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Scientists have found that cancer thrives in an acidic solution while it is unable to survive in alkalinity.  Just as an embryo grows rapidly and flourishes in the mother’s womb surrounded by amniotic fluid, a germ grows quickly and strongly in an acidic environment. An inconvenient truth is that germs are not always the source of disease.  We create our own harmful & polluted acidic inner environment, which in turn allows the germs to multiply, feed and create their own pollution. 

Which foods are alkaline? Alkaline foods include fresh organic vegetables and fruit, raw nuts and seeds, Matcha green tea, raw good fats such as avocado and coconut, green superfoods and raw goat milk dairy.

Which foods are acidic? Acid-forming foods include animal proteins, processed and hydrogenated fats, alcohol, pasteurized cow dairy, acidic caffeine from coffee and black tea, refined/processed grains & carbohydrates, and processed sugars

How the body handles too much acidity: One tactic is for the body to produce fat cells, which absorb the acid and neutralize it.  The unfortunate result creates many unwanted fat cells roaming the body.  These cells eventually will lose their respective +/- charges, clump together and move sluggishly until they are stored in pockets.  This creates excess body fat and lowered energy.

The veins and arteries are defenseless culprits of acidic blood.  They are the transport system for the blood to flow throughout the entire body.  If the blood running through a vein is highly acidic, a hole could be burned through the vein, allowing the acid to invade the rest of the body.  To prevent this, the veins and arteries create and form plaque surrounding the inside walls. Clogged veins and arteries are precursors to heart attacks, high blood pressure, and many other heart-degenerative diseases.

There are 3 important steps one can take to reverse the acidic state: 

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  1. Cleanse the body of toxins that have developed and taken residence over the years.  Regularly following a 3-5 day juice cleanse helps to alkalize the body and restore balance. Also drinking Matcha Green Tea and/or a “green juice” daily will add to your alkalinity and aid in the cleansing process, including, wheat grass,  chlorophyll, green grasses, spirulina, etc.  These superfood products are excellent sources of alkaline foods.  Matcha specifically will help to cleanse the harmful and disruptive fat cells that have stored up in the body and help to clean out the arteries and colon. 
  2. Identify choices to create a target balance of 65%-80% alkaline-forming food; 20%-35% acidic foods.
  3. Finding local sources for organic alkaline foods is also key. Green Table is a vegetarian restaurant which provides the most alkaline, nutrient dense vegetarian cuisine with the highest integrity for ingredients and flavor!

Whats your best choice of vegetarian restaurant?

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Rebekah Winquest

Rebekah Winquest Holistic Nutritionist, Herbalogist, Chef and designer of truly natural, exotic healthy foods. She continues to research and consult while counseling clients and managing her nutrition and natural foods company, Just Good Energy. Her mission is to help get the world healthy, focusing on her local community of Portland, Oregon. Part of that mission is showing and helping people make the connection that healthy foods can taste more alive and better than unhealthy foods, and that in turn makes the body, mind and spirit more alive. She also believes in the healing and cleansing power of foods, and continues to council individuals and companies on how to realize that power.