Avoiding Refined Sugar for Health Benefits: Sugar Substitutes

Hot-baked brownies just out of the oven.  You’d probably already been licking the batter off the spatula which was divine, but now the fresh-baked, hot and gooey brownie is the ultimate indulgence.  Life is too short not to enjoy such things.  Who wants a life without sweet things to savor? 

At Green Table, we believe that dessert is an absolute must, but it can be enjoyed guilt-free without sacrificing flavor. 

When we talk about the “evils” of sweets like brownies, cake and cookies, we aren’t talking about or worried about calories; the real culprit to a “bad” sweet is the main ingredient – refined sugar which has many negative side effects to our bodies. 

As a reminder, refined sugar contributes to:

  • Inflammation in the body which leads to lower immunity, illness and disease
  • Tooth decay
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Auto-immune diseases
  • Deficiency of minerals in bones
  • Osteoporosis and arthritis
  • Candida

Believe it or not, this is only a fraction of the negative impact that sugar can have on our systems.  But let’s focus on something more positive – healthy alternatives to refined sugar.

So if life is short and we should even contemplate eating dessert first, but we don’t want to wreak havoc on our bodies, what are we to do? 

The answer is to educate yourself on and use healthy sugar substitutes.  At Green Table we wouldn’t dare use refined sugar.  Instead, we use coconut nectar to sweeten our dishes that call for a wholesome and sugar-free substitute.  Another sweetener we like to use is dates; they are delicious and also a great source of fiber and potassium. 

So you see, you can have the best of both worlds – a dessert that is scrumptious and cures your sweet tooth, but isn’t causing chaos in your body.

For more insight and other sugar substitutes, watch this video on the best sugar substitutes: