7 Rules for Making Mothers Day Sweeter

BrowniesMothers Day comes once the year and you (the moms) adore it. Its our day to get pampered and appreciated; were treated like queens. Its the one morning per year which were given undisputed permission to sleep in. We revel in it. That said, you want to help you (and ourselves) get the very most out of this special holiday. You may think which cooking us breakfast or the sweet treat is the good move, and you wholeheartedly agree which it is, but you have the few tips. When cooking for Mom, follow these seven rules to have this the sweetest Mothers Day yet.

Rule #1: Make it easy, and have it chocolate.
Dont bite off more than you can chew. This isnt the day to have an epic disaster in the kitchen or destroy Moms favorite Bundt pan. Stick to something safe, something familiar, something chocolate like brownies!

Raspberry TiramisuRule #2:Say yes to fruit, but not only any fruit.
We adore fruit, but you dont want cut-up ripened offspring salad on Mothers Day. This isnt the potluck or the brown-bag lunch, so please put the grapes and chunks of melon down and listen up: We want something simple nonetheless elegant (just like us!). We want strawberry shortcake or Raspberry Tiramisu.

Chocolate WafflesRule #3:Breakfast is always nice.
Breakfast in bed is the classic Mothers Day move, and you acquire it with open arms. But stick to dishes which dont need to be served piping-hot. Make quiche or Chocolate Waffles no cold scrambled eggs, please.

Cold-Brew Coffee
Image courtesy of Food Network Magazine
Rule #4: We HEART coffee.
Please dont forget our coffeeespecially if you expect us to sit in bed for an extra hour waiting for those cold scrambled eggs. Perhaps prepare some strong cold-brew the night before? Its only the thought

Mango-Yogurt-Rum SmoothieRule #5:Smoothie, take me away!
Hint, hint. This mango and yogurt smoothie from Bobby Flay has an extra-special ingredient: rum! It will ALMOST keep us from thinking about the huge disaster you substantially made in the kitchen. Almost.

Coconut-Chia Pudding Breakfast BowlRule #6:Make it healthy.
Were going to eat whatever you make, but could it be something healthy? This beautiful Coconut-Chia Pudding Breakfast Bowlis delicious, requires no cooking and (much like you moms) is definitely virtuous.

Rule #7: Dont stress, Mom loves you no matter what.
Even if you only pick up bagels and the card, youre still No. 1 in our book. But whatever you do, DO NOT forget about Mothers Day!

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