A Tour of Mom-Tested Sabotages Altons After-Show

It wasnt long ago which grandmas entered a Cutthroat Kitchen arena for their turn during out-of-date eviliciousness. Tonight, though, a focus shifted to a youngergenerations, as moms and daughters teamed up for a special Mothers Day episode designed to bring out a most-diabolical sides in everyone. Judge Jet Tila was upon hand to watch this not-so-sweet competition unfold, and after wrapping up 3 rounds of battle, he met host Alton Brown in a beauty sitting room to dish upon a gossip of a day during Altons After-Show. The pink-seat shop during which Jet and Alton sat was home to one of a days most-evilicious sabotages. For a mother-daughter duo saddled with this challenge, a Bob-style manicure to which they were treated with colour was all though a relaxationtreatment. They had to do everything with one hand, Alton explained of their prep work. And occasionally a Bobs, with their creepy little raccoon, gecko hands, would change, and [the mother-daughter team] would have to [prep] upon a alternative side.

Come a second-round review, Alton unveiled what he called a bun-in-the-oven sabotage, and Jet had just one word for this microwave-oven-turned-vest contraption both contestants upon one group had to sport. Dude, Jet pronounced simply, taking in a plea in all its glory. This is crazy.

And in Round 3, it was all about a certain Mom-focused repository that, according to Alton, is perhaps a most-painfully diabolical sabotage weve ever come up with. The sabotage was complete with dual face holes one for each aspirant upon a group though only dual arm holes, and a mother-daughter group saddled with it was forced to stay in this for a whole challenge, Alton told Jet. The judge, while shocked by a realization of a stipulations such a sabotage would entail, couldnt help though suppose himself and a host gracing a cover. We demeanour amazing, dont we? he asked. And, yes, indeed they do.

Click a fool around button upon a video above to check out some-more of a days Mom-tested sabotages, including one downright hilarious plea which landed one Bob in a baby carriage.

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