Dreams Are Coming True on Cutthroat Kitchen Altons After-Show

It was usually a few weeks ago that guest judge Richard Blais proclaimed himself a best that ever played this game. And though Cutthroat Kitchen has indeed seen its share of considerable winners (and losers), were inclined to agree that Richardsenthusiasm for eviliciousnessknows no bounds literally. In honor of a days pesto test, he was challenged to swing hits over a makeshift Green Monster in order to earn a required ingredients for pesto on a After-Show. He managed to score not one but mixed up-and-over home runs to pick up all hed need to make a dish, like fresh herbs, fruity olive oil and plenty of Parmesan cheese. This is so most fun. I love this show! he said, donning a team CTK baseball cap.

As Richard moved to his prep station to start work on his pesto, he predicted some-more sabotages and, certain enough, he was correct. The now-infamous Bob-powered shaking table reared its wobbly head once again during a shaking beef turn in a episode, and now it was up to Richard to try his hands during it. This is amazing, Richard said, as he began to chop up parsley amid a tremors. I live in Southern California. Things shake around here all a time. In true Cali fashion, he kept up with a sabotage, even as a shakes progressed into a consistent and fast ruckus. But just as Richard was ready to accept a limitations of his moving table If I was in a kitchen, Id probably go grab a nitrogen, he explained host Alton Brown came to his rescue with a liquid nitrogen tank, most to Richards delight.Dreams have been coming true on Cutthroat Kitchen, declared Richard, who watched as Alton poured a glug of a nitrogen into his mortar. Richard explained a ins and outs of a process: What happens is a nitrogen freezes a herbs and allows us to unequivocally grind them up unequivocally nice. Both Richard and Alton tasted a judges cold concoction, and it measured up to both of their standards quickly.

Click a play button on a video above to watch Richard hit a home runs of his career, and take an up-close look during a shaky prep station.

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