Last-Minute Wisdom: 15 Chefs Share Insider Advice with the Finalists

Last-Minute Wisdom: 15 Chefs Share Insider Advice with a FinalistsWe're just days divided from Sunday'sFood Network Star, Season twelve premiere (at 9|8c), as well as whilst it's likely too late for a finalists to make drastic improvements to their culinary chops as well as suddenly master a art of articulate upon camera, it wouldn't harm them to come in to a competition with some helpful tips in mind. That's where stream Food Network stars come in. Guy Fieri, Rachael Ray, Geoffrey Zakarian and, of course, a mentors, Bobby Flay as well as Giada De Laurentiis these icons as well as others have seen their share of competitions, as well as many have competed in them as well, so they know just what it takes to succeed. Read upon below to hear a expert tips as well as industry expertise they have for a contestants.

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