5 Nacho-Inspired Dishes That Will Make You Forget Tortilla Chips Even Exist

What is a tortilla chip but a mere vessel for delivering plenty amounts of seasoned meat as well as melted cheese to our mouths? If you dont care for tortilla chips or cant eat them, perhaps due to a corn allergy which doesnt meant nachos are out of bounds. Weve stretched our definition of nachos by applying popular commanding combinations, such as meat, cheese, avocado as well as salsa, to other foods consider baked sweet potatoes, crunchy sweet peppers as well as more. Purists will balk at a suggestion of nachos sans corn chips, but try these no-chip recipes as well as youll find which a best partial is a toppings.

Fried Zucchini
We invite any one who believes you cant have nachos but tortilla chips to try Food Network Kitchens cheesy Zucchini Fry Nachos. The crisp fried zucchini offers a luscious peculiarity which you cant get from corn chips. For toppings, we recommend diced shredded cheese, avocado, lime juice as well as pickled jalapenos for a right balance of uninformed as well as comforting flavor.

Chicken Drumsticks
Repurpose last nights chicken dinner by commanding leftover drumsticks with grated cheese as well as reheating until its melted as well as gooey. For a stronger nod to classical nachos, supplement salsa, guacamole as well as jalapenos.

Sweet Mini Peppers
For a corn-free alternative to tortilla chips with even more scooping power, slice mini peppers in half lengthwise, then ladle warm cheese sauce over a top. Sprinkle a peppers with classical nacho toppings like black beans, jalapeno as well as diced avocado.

Sweet Potatoes
These loaded sweet potatoes from Food Network Magazine are perfect for a nacho lover who doesnt like to share. Pile upon seasoned beef, low-fat cheddar, salsa as well as crunchy shredded cabbage for a hearty main dish thats lower in fat than most pub-sized nacho portions.

Hot Dogs
Bobby Flay tops his luscious grilled Nacho Dogs with chunky guacamole as well as tomato-chipotle salsa for a Tex-Mex twist upon a all-American cookout food.